• MasterEase – Improved concrete rheology for more efficiency in precast production

    ​MasterEase is a superplasticizer for low-viscosity concrete. It is based on a groundbreaking new technology and improves the rheological properties of high-performance concrete, significantly facilitating its pumping, placing and finishing. It further allows concrete mix design optimizations for higher performance concrete and concrete mixes with a reduced CO2 footprint.

  • MasterTop 1327 series – connecting design with silence

    ​The MasterTop 1327 series offers two of the latest sound deadening flooring systems in the decorative and comfortable flooring market. Depending on specifications impact noise is reduced by -16dB up to -20dB. The seamless, PU-based MasterTop 1327 floors are applied in liquid form and offer the same smooth or slip resistant, antibacterial, matt or satin matt as well as low emission properties as any other member of MasterTop 1300 family.

  • MasterTop seamless flooring systems from BASF

    ​MasterTop is a series of seamless high-performance flooring systems for indoor use. The seamless MasterTop polyurethane floors from BASF excel in design flexibility, hygiene and durability and are well-suited for applications in public and commercial buildings as well as healthcare and educational facilities.

  • Ucrete Destruction Challenge – The World´s toughest Floor

    ​Floors in food and pharmaceutical industries must withstand harshest conditions and need to meet highest hygienic requirements at the same time. Our dense and impervious Ucrete flooring systems not only fulfil highest hygienic standards they are designed for the toughest industrial environments, withstanding heavy impact, high and low temperature spillage as well as chemical attack.

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