MasterFlow 648 – High Strength Epoxy Grout

Ensuring proper alignment and transmission of static and dynamic loads, vibration and rotational torque, MasterFlow 648 protects critical equipment, improving reliability, operating efficiency and life cycle of machinery. BASF has carefully balanced the important physical properties and application behavior of MasterFlow 648 to ensure uncompromised, durable support. And while the grout supports the equipment, the knowledgeable BASF Technical Teams on all continents support the engineers, equipment manufacturers, contractors and owners who specify and install MasterFlow 648 to ensure quality, hassle-free project execution.

Straightforward Refurbishment of the Selzthaltunnel with MasterSeal 345

The Selzthaltunnel is a double-tube motorway tunnel on the A9 Pyhrnautobahn near Selzthal in Austria. After 40 years of operation it was in need of refurbishment. For this project the owner of Selzthaltunnel relied on MasterSeal 345: double bonding properties facilitate a reduction of the thickness of the secondary lining to retain the required minimum clearance, making replacements unnecessary.

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