Introducing BASF’s Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Team and Resource Center

​BASF is committed to the future of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC). Working closely with our customers and industry experts, the VDC Global Development Team at BASF is creating the digital content, training, and collaboration tools to utilize Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the industry to unlock the full potential of VDC. Supporting the whole lifecycle of the building, from design, construction, and management, right through to deconstruction and recycling. Building Tomorrow. Together.

MasterRoc SLF 50 Soil Conditioning Foam

BASF MasterRoc SLF 50 soil conditioning foam helps to control soil during tunneling operations to increase TBM's tunnel excavation efficiency.

MasterSeal 7000 CR - The Solution for Extreme Challenges

​MasterSeal 7000 CR is the waterproofing and concrete protection
system with a unique combination of application and performance properties that meet the challenges of aggressive wastewater environments. The performance-proven MasterSeal 7000 CR system.

MasterEase – Improved concrete rheology for more efficiency in precast production

​MasterEase is a superplasticizer for low-viscosity concrete. It is based on a groundbreaking new technology and improves the rheological properties of high-performance concrete, significantly facilitating its pumping, placing and finishing. It further allows concrete mix design optimizations for higher performance concrete and concrete mixes with a reduced CO2 footprint.