New Generation of Cementitious Waterproofing by BASF

​Master Builders Solutions by BASF sets a new standard in waterproofing with MasterSeal 6100 FX and MasterSeal 560, the new generation of cementitious waterproofing is lightweight, highly elastic, fast and sustainable.

Master Builders Solutions for the Tunnelling and Mining Industry

​BASF, with its global underground construction team, is a world leader in the provision of reliable, customer-oriented solutions focused on the specific needs of tunneling and mining projects.
By accompanying the project right from the start and understanding individual circumstances and challenges, BASF contributes to the success.

Master X-Seed – Convincing in Winter Concrete Applications

​In cold weather conditions, Master X-Seed is particularly valuable for precast and ready-mix concrete producers looking for economical ways to achieve high early strength and flexible usage of production capacities, as well as maintaining productivity. Thanks to the use of this unique accelerator technology, projects can be completed reliably and efficiently, irrespective of low ambient temperatures. The extensive building and rehabilitation project in progress on the site of the former Volkskundemuseum in Schleswig, Northern Germany, is one example. With the assistance of Master X-Seed, the concrete floors of the exhibition halls were installed rapidly despite cold weather temperatures.

MasterFinish - Form-release agents for superior architectural concrete

​The MasterFinish product family imparts a wide range of concrete additives and form release agents to achieve an outstanding surface finish.
When applied to most forms and form liners, these unique admixtures are formulated to enhance the appearance of pre-cast, pre-stressed and poured-in-place concrete by allowing easy separation from the concrete surface. They significantly reduce production costs through their efficiency, ease of use and superb release capability. MasterFinish admixtures also contribute to an excellent surface appearance by enabling defined exposed aggregate design (or textures) as well as eliminating pinholes and other surface defects.