Ground Support

Durable sprayed concrete structures

In order to achieve early and long-term strength in ground support, the Master Builders Solutions brand offers a comprehensive range of products that allow durable sprayed concrete structures to be constructed successfully and safely. These products are developed to suit your site requirements, offer compatibility to local cements and excellent long-term durability.

Our innovations in alkali-free accelerators are a safe and essential part of modern sprayed concrete. We also provide sprayable, fully bonded waterproofing membranes, which are a unique and integral part of composite lining designs.

Sprayed concrete
Waterproofing: Sprayable membranes

Quantified Sustainable Benefits

Further information on the sustainable solutions offered by BASF Construction Chemicals can be found here

Life Cycle Analyzer Brochure

Quantify sustainable solutions in concrete

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Project reference highlighting BASF’s Green Sense Concrete mixture optimisation service