MasterMatrix 233

High range water reducing admixture for concrete

How does MasterMatrix 233 work?

MasterMatrix 233 is part of the innovative latest generation range of polycarboxylic ether polymer superplasticizers. It also contains a high-molecular weight synthetic copolymer particularly designed for the precast industry.
The particular molecular configuration of MasterMatrix 233 accelerates the cement hydration by allowing rapid adsorption of the molecule onto the cement particles, this, combined with an efficient dispersion effect, exposes increased surface of the cement grains to react with water exposing increased surface of the cement grains to react with water. As a result, it is possible to obtain earlier development of the heat of hydration, rapid development of the hydration products and, as a consequence, higher strengths at very early age.
The polymer structure of MasterMatrix 233 is specially designed to improve the rheology of precast concrete, making it very flowable and with low viscosity even at very low water/cement ratios, without increasing stickiness. Robustness is a distinctive feature of the precast concrete produced with MasterMatrix 233.
Thanks to its tailored mode of action in concrete, MasterMatrix 233 imparts a level of viscosity within a mix enabling the right balance between fluidity, passing ability and resistance to segregation - apparently opposing properties - to be achieved. This balance is lacking when the fluidity of the concrete is obtained by adding water.

What is MasterMatrix 233 used for?

MasterMatrix 233 is suitable for making precast concrete elements with highly-fluid concrete without segregation but low water/cement ratios and, consequently, high early and final strengths. Ecological and ergonomic precast production, MasterMatrix 233 is optimised for use with the MasterX-Seed 100 Crystal Speed Hardening concept.

What are the benefits of MasterMatrix 233?

MasterMatrix 233 offers the following benefits for the concrete industry:

  • Production of highly flowable, robust self-compacting concrete having a low water cement ratio along with an optimal rheology.
  • Enhanced robustness and consistency in concrete quality with low stickiness.
  • Environmentally friendly, CO2 reduced mix-design optimization.
  • Potential elimination or reduction of heat curing.
  • Improved surface appearance.
  • Durable precast concrete elements as per EN 206-1.
  • Elimination or reduction of the energy required for placing, compaction and curing (ZERO ENERGY).
  • Optimization of the curing cycles by reducing curing time or curing temperature. Increased productivity, particularly in combination with MasterX-Seed 100 Crystal Speed Hardening.
  • SCC (Self-compacting concrete) with a low Fines content (material passing the 0.125 mm sieve).

Direct contact

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Technical Services Manager

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MasterMatrix 233 Declaration of Performance

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MasterMatrix 233: Technical Data Sheet

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