MasterProtect 830 CP

Anodic conductive coating for reinforced concrete cathodic protection

What is MasterProtect 830 CP?

MasterProtect 830 CP is a single component, ready to use, water based anode coating specifically designed for steel reinforced concrete structures which are suffering ongoing corrosion damage, or require protection against future corrosion initiation.
The material contains highly conductive coated fibres which provide superior current distribution and mechanical properties. resulting in an enhanced anode life. MasterProtect 830 CPis water vapour permeable.

What makes MasterProtect 830 CP a unique solution?

MasterProtect 830 CP is water-based and contains highly-conductive coated fibres, three-dimensionally distributed throughout a 100% acrylic resin. The electro catalytic coating on the fibres has a very low consumption rate and results in superior current distribution and mechanical properties with enhanced anode life.
Because of the efficient current distribution throughout the material, anodic reactions take place in the body of the MasterProtect 830 CP and not only at the interface with the concrete. Therefore, no acid degradation of that interface will occur as is common with other conductive coatings, especially the carbon overloaded paints, ensuring a good adhesion over a long period of time.
MasterProtect 830 CP does not require primer and it is solvent free. It is water vapor permeable, reducing the risk of delamination due to water pressure building up behind the coating.

MasterProtect 830 CP prevents the corrosion reactions in reinforced concrete and increases the service life of the structure significantly.

MasterProtect 830 CP can be easily applied and rapidly installed compared to mesh anode systems in various types of structures. Due to its high performance, 1mm dry film thickness is enough for effective cathodic protection.
Maintenance of MasterProtect 830 CP is very easy and cost effective comparing to mesh anode systems. It is easy to apply, environmental friendly, and can therefore be also used for indoor applications.

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MasterProtect 830 CP: Technical Data Sheet

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