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Advanced systems for high performing sprayed concrete

High quality, durable shotcrete (sprayed concrete) has become a vital component of ground support and stabilization in both tunneling and mining. Wet mix sprayed tunnel linings create state-of-the-art, monolithic and composite structures with a substantial reduction in cost and time, lowering health risks, increasing worker safety and reducing the environmental impact versus conventional dry mixes.

Constantly striving to exceed customer needs and demands, our admixture technologies enhance the performance, hydration control and viscosity of sprayed concrete:

  • Fast-setting alkali-free accelerator series (MasterRoc SA) produces sprayed concrete with early strength development and long-term strength.
  • The combined use of structural reinforcing fibers has greatly improved the load absorption performance, decreasing residual crack propagation and increasing long-term durability for permanent support.
  • We offer a multitude of chloride-free liquid admixtures for improvement of plastic and hardened properties of concrete.
  • Our specially formulated product for lubrication of equipment (MasterRoc LUB) can be applied prior to concrete pumping to avoid blockages.
  • We also supply a cement hydration control system for wet and dry sprayed concrete applications (MasterRoc HCA) that are capable of maintaining a pot life of up to 72 hours allowing for total and accurate flexibility of site logistics.
  • By adding microsilica (MasterRoc MS) we reduce permeability to increase the density and long-term strength and durability performance of the sprayed concrete in its hardened state. Microsilica also can improve the pumpability and workability of the sprayed concrete system in its fresh state.

Sprayed Concrete Products

MasterRoc STS 112

MasterRoc STS 112 is a ready to use one pack polymer modified fine concrete specially designed for spray application by the 'dry-mix' method. It contains fumed silica, high range water reducing admixtures and carefully graded aggregates.


MasterRoc HCA 20

MasterRoc HCA 20 is a chemical system for the storage and reuse of truck mixer wash water and fresh concrete and a set retarding agent for concrete


MasterRoc MS 685

MasterRoc MS 685 is a liquid admixture based on a suspension of amorphous silica. These ultra-fine particles start working as soon as they are incorporated in the mix. The texture of the slurry is similar to cement paste.


MasterRoc SA 160

MasterRoc SA 160 is a high performance alkali-free set accelerator for sprayed concrete. It is a liquid admixture whose dosage can be varied to the desired setting and hardening times.


MasterRoc TCC 735

MasterRoc TCC 735 is a chloride-free, multi-purpose liquid admixture which enhances the quality of sprayed concrete in both the plastic and hardened state.


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