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Highly efficient products optimize TBM performance

The MasterRoc product range offers a single source of solutions for shielded TBM (tunnel boring machine) excavation in soft ground and hard rock, increasing TBM advance rate and improving operational efficiency:

  • MasterRoc SLF range of ground conditioning foams give maximum efficiency for every soil type encountered during EPB tunneling.
  • MasterRoc SLP range of polymers enhances the MasterRoc foams in difficult conditions.
  • MasterRoc ACP range of anti-clay agents reduces clogging and adhesion on metal surfaces on soft and hard rock TBMs.
  • MasterRoc TSG range of tail sealants is well proven and cost-effective.
  • MasterRoc BSG range of main bearing sealing greases give effective main bearing protection with outstanding properties resistant to wash-off.
  • MasterRoc EPB high quality EP2 greases.
  • MasterRoc ABR unique anti-wear and dust suppression technology is designed for hard rock TBMs operating in abrasive ground.

TBM Products

MasterRoc ACP 143

MasterRoc ACP 143 creates a stable foam and can be used with the standard foam generators installed on EPB machines. It can be injected at the cutter-head, into the working chamber and screw conveyor.


MasterRoc SLF 41

MasterRoc SLF 41 is a polymer reinforced foaming agent specially designed for soil conditioning in shielded tunnel boring machines. It is suited to soft ground tunneling and silt to sand soils which may contain a high amount of water.


MasterRoc SLP 1

MasterRoc SLP 1 is a lubricating polymer in liquid form, that is used to enhance the performance of MasterRoc SLP foam products under difficult ground conditions, e.g. ground containing fine sand, silt, or clay with high water content.


MasterRoc TSG 6

MasterRoc TSG 6 is designed for use in conditions where the ambient temperature will usually remain above 10°C. It is formulated to resist high water and ground pressures, and has excellent pumping properties and adhesion to all surfaces.


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