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An innovative approach to tunnel waterproofing

MasterSeal 345 offers an innovative approach to waterproofing in underground construction. Designed for ease of application, the spray applied waterproofing membranes make up a continuous waterproofing system and are formulated to work in combination with sprayed concrete and in-situ concrete to facilitate the construction of composite structures.

The waterproofing properties of the system result from the excellent bonding properties between the membrane and the concrete, preventing migration of water along the concrete-membrane interfaces on either side of the membrane. MasterSeal is also ideally suited to underground structures with complex geometries and can be used with most tunnel designs.

MasterSeal has the following advantages:

  • A reliable waterproofing composite system for complex geometries.
  • Reduced total construction time and costs.
  • Reduced maintenance and operational costs.
  • Compatible with other conventional waterproofing systems.
  • Enables efficient tunnel refurbishment through a thin layer of thickness.
  • Simple and safe application.

Waterproofing Products

MasterSeal 345

MasterSeal 345 is a sprayable membrane for waterproofing concrete structures and water management. MasterSeal 345 membrane is spray-applied between layers of sprayed or cast-in-place concrete or as a stand-alone membrane.

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