MasterSet R 100

Set retarding admixture for concrete

How does MasterSet R 100 work?

MasterSet R 100 is a ready-to-use, liquid admixture for producing more uniform and predictable quality concrete. Placing and finishing requirements are facilitated because this admixture retards setting time.
MasterSet R 100 increases compressive and flexural strength; durability to damage from freezing and thawing; reduced water content required for given workability and retarded setting characteristics.

What is MasterSet R 100 used for?

MasterSet R 100 admixture is recommended for use in all types of concrete where moderate to extended retardation of set and improved performance are desired. MasterSet R 100 improves pumped concrete, shotcrete (wet mix), and conventionally placed concrete. It improves plain, reinforced, precast, prestressed, lightweight or normal weight concrete.
MasterSet R 100 admixture can also be used with air-entraining cements and with air-entraining admixtures approved under AASHTO, ASTM and CRD; EN934 part 2 specifications - including those manufactured by BASF Construction Chemicals when air-entrained concrete is desired. On its own, MasterSet R 100 admixture does not entrain air.

What are the benefits of MasterSet R 100?

The set retarding characteristics of MasterSet R 100 admixture aid in the production of concrete with the following special qualities:

  • Improved workability.
  • Reduced segregation.
  • Superior finishing characteristics for flatwork and cast surfaces.
  • Controlled retardation - depending on the addition rate.
  • Provides flexibility in scheduling of placing and finishing operations.
  • Offsets the effects of too early hardening during extended delays between mixing and placing.
  • Helps eliminate cold joints.
  • Allows for dead-load deflection to take place (before concrete sets) in extended pours for bridge decks, cantilevers, non-shored structural elements, etc.
  • Lowers peak temperature and/or rate of temperature rise in mass concrete - reduces thermal cracking.
  • Effective as a single admixture or as a component in a MasterPozzolith admixture system.

Ian Ellis

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