MasterSet R 500

Set retarding admixture for masonry mortar

How does MasterSet R 500 work?

MasterSet R 500 is a ready-to-use liquid set controlling agent, designed to be used in conjunction with MasterAir to produce set controlled trowel ready mortars, for delivery to site in ready mix trucks or mortar tubs.

What is MasterSet R 500 used for?

MasterSet R 500 is recommended for use in conjunction with MasterAir, to product high quality trowel ready mortars. MasterSet R 500 may also be used on its own to produce retarded mortars. MasterSet R 500 may either be added to the mixing water or dispersed on the aggregate. When used in conjunction with other admixtures such as MasterAir, they should be dispensed into the mix separately.

What are the benefits of MasterSet R 500?

MasterSet R 500 offers the following benefits for mortar:

  • Controls setting times.
  • Reduces bleeding.
  • Produces cohesive workable mortar.
  • Good finishing characteristics.

Ian Ellis

Technical Services Manager Phone: +44 7966 123447