MasterTop decorative polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings


Why choose this flooring system?

MasterTop polyurethane and epoxy floor coatings are ideal for decorative or industrial use. With a range of products that excel in design flexibility, elasticity, crack and scratch resistance and that are exceptionally tough. Making the versatile flooring systems suitable in a diverse range of sectors.

Polyurethane and epoxy based resin flooring

Ideal for public, commercial and retail buildings as well as healthcare and educational facilities, polyurethane flooring is completely seamless and makes an attractive, hygienic, easily cleanable and durable floor that is pleasant to walk on.

Epoxy flooring products are commonly used in factories and warehouses due to their significant mechanical strength and resistance to corrosive liquids such as chemicals, oils, chlorides and fuels.

MasterTop flooring systems have excellent sustainability properties and have been independently assessed to EN15804 with Environmental Product Declarations (EPD's) available for each system. Additionally 40 year Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and LEED certificates are also available to help provide a comprehensive and quantitative approach to sustainability.

MasterTop Products

MasterTop 1900 Series

Innovative, self-smoothing, resilient flooring systems providing tough and durable floor finishes with enhanced scratch resistance

MasterTop WS 200

A 1.5 mm thick multilayer smooth, elastomeric, impact resistant polyurethane wall system. MasterTop WS 200 provides a seamless connection to our tried and tested floor coverings, allowing walls and floors to be designed as a functional and aesthetic unit

MasterTop WS 300

A glass fibre reinforced, 2.0mm thick multilayer smooth, elastomeric, highly impact resistant polyurethane wall system. MasterTop WS 300 provides a seamless connection to our tried and tested floor coverings.

MasterTop 1273

Pigmented, seamless, smooth floor system based on advanced non-solvented epoxy resin for heavy duty industrial areas. MasterTop 1273 is the most efficient solution for heavy duty industrial surfaces exposed both to mechanical and chemical aggressiveness.

MasterTop 1324

MasterTop 1324

Hard wearing, elastomeric, crack bridging, low emission and decorative matt polyurethane flooring system which can be applied with smooth or slip resistant finishes to a large range of substrates.

MasterTop 1325

MasterTop 1325

Seamless, decorative and comfort floor system. Crack bridging, noise deadening and sound absorbing polyurethane system.

MasterTop 1327

MasterTop 1327

Decorative, seamless, sound deadening liquid applied polyurethane flooring system

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